Strategic Issues

The key strategic areas and critical issues that will constitute the four programme areas are:
1. To build the institutional capacity of PI and its key stake holders so as to effectively and efficiently achieve its mission.
2. To lobby and advocate government and other agencies to implement and enact appropriate local and international policies and legislation related to trade, agriculture, agro-based sectors and sustainable development.
3. To facilitate, access, process, disseminate, and use appropriate information including establishing and strengthening communication networks to help improve the livelihoods of selected poor, marginalized and vulnerable communities to guarantee long-term and sustainable peace.
4. To facilitate, empower and galvanize selected local communities to undertake socio-economic development activities to eradicate poverty, vulnerability and marginalization to guarantee long-term and sustainable peace.
5. To strengthen the capacity of selected local communities on sustainable environmental management and to lobby for the implementation and enactment of the environmental laws and agreements.
6. To raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS on human development among selected local communities in the areas of PIís operations.
7. To provide business development services to the huge and untapped human resources in PIís areas of operation to add value to and access national, regional and global market economies.
8. To provide cost recovery advice related to trade, environment and development to appropriate clientele.