About Us




A prosperous, peaceful and empowered society.




To mobilize and galvanize the poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities in Eastern Africa to improve their livelihood. This will be achieved through their empowerment, participation and facilitation to access and add value to national, regional and global market economies in collaboration with other stakeholders on matters related to environment, trade and development.


Core values


The following core values and key principles will be ascertained by and provide the drive for all activities undertaken by Perimart International in eradicating poverty, marginalization and vulnerability to ensure long-term and sustainable peace among the local communities and associations with which we work:

    • African ownership, interests and stewardship in all the work we do.
    • Innovation and alternative thinking based on African realities, settings and priorities to seek new ways and explore new frontiers.
    • Downward accountability and honesty requiring us to be accountable for all the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgements and communications with others.
    • Urgency of purpose and excellence of execution to galvanize African potential and sustain remedial action to improve the social, cultural, economic and political lot of our clients.
    • Guarantee change of positions in social, cultural, economic and political positions rather than mere cosmetic changes of physical conditions under which our clients exist.
    • Courage of our convictions requiring us to be rationally creative and radical, without fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible impacts on our clients.
    • Humility and commitment to recognize that we are part of a bigger alliance and requiring that our presentation and behaviour be modest.
    • Solidarity and coalition building with our clients so that our only bias will be our unreserved commitment to their interests, ownership and stewardship of their own development.
    • Mutual respect, recognizing the innate dignity and cultural worth of all African people and the value of cultural diversity with such sensitivity as will encompass working with and alongside them rather than for them.
    • Equity, justice and fairplay, requiring us to work to ensure that our clients irrespective of tribe, race, sex, gender, age, disability, colour, class, religion, HIV/AIDS status or sexual orientation has equal opportunity and rights for expressing and utilizing their potential, inclusive of seeking redress for wrongs done to them.